Programs &Courses

    Department of Finance Providence University
    Graduate Curriculum
    Required Courses
    Required Elective Courses
    Elective Courses
    First (Fall) Semester
    Quantitative Method (3 Credits)
    Financial Management (3 Credits)
    Financial Markets and Institutions (3 Credits)
    Seminar(1) (1 Credit)
    Micro-Economics (3 Credits)
    Seminar on Financial Statement Analysis (3 Credits)
    Financial Econometrics(1) (3 Credits)
    Second (Spring) Semester
    Investment Management (3 Credits)
    Futures and Options (3 Credits)
    Seminar(2) (1 Credit)
    Seminar on Financial Management (3 Credits)
    Seminar on Financial Theory (3 Credits) Macro-Economics (3 Credits)
    Financial Econometrics(2) (3 Credits)
    Financial Innovations: Design & Marketing (3 Credits)
    First (Fall) Semester
    Thesis Research (6 Credits)
    Seminar(3) (1 Credit)
    Corporate Finance (3 Credits)
    Seminar on Behavioral Finance (3 Credits)
    Seminar on International Investment (3 Credits)
    International Investment (3 Credits)
    Behavioral Finance And Market Microstructure (3 Credits) (not offered in 2009)
    Game Theory (3 Credits) (not offered in 2009)
    Second (Spring) Semester
    Seminar(4) (1 Credit)
    Time Series Analysis (3 Credits)
    Financial Empirical Seminar (3 Credits) Capital Market Seminar(3 Credits)
    Corporate Governance (3 Credits)
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